2017-18 Top 25 Kittens
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Best Kitten

IW Legacysexotics Its A Kinda Magic
Red Silver Classic Tabby/White Exotic Shorthair

Congratulations! Kamisha Bengals & Exotics

Breeder: Melody Young
Owner: Andres Munt/Nicholas Lovell/Linda Donley

2nd Best Kitten

IW Casadecano Cha Ching Of Samphire/Cf
Seal Lynx (Tabby) Point Siamese

Sponsored by Faerietail and Facehuggers

Breeder: Patricia L Decano
Owner: Cornelia Schofield

3rd Best Kitten

RW Wasillia Lil-Bit-Of-Gracee/Cf
Cream Classic Tabby/White Persian

Sponsored by Hoaloha

Breeder: Jenny Vessey/Tina Heigl
Owner: Jenny Vessey

4th Best Kitten

RW Lesplushes Nutcracker Of Samphire
Blue Chartreux

Sponsored by Leplushes Chartreux

Breeder: Yoriko Hongo/Akiko Ishimura
Owner: Cornelia Schofield

5th Best Kitten

RW Purr-Ivity's Guilty Pleasure/Cf
Brown (Black) Classic Torbie Exotic Shorthair

Thanks for being my nanny cat! Love Pancake

Breeder: Rachel Pillod
Owner: Linda Donley/Andres Munt/Nick Lovell

6th Best Kitten

RW Valyria Ode To Joy
Brown (Black) Mackerel Tabby/White Exotic Shorthair

Sponsored by TNCC

Breeder: L Donley And A Munt/N Lovell
Owner: Andres Munt/Nicholas Lovell

7th Best Kitten

RW Bigrivercoon Flint
Brown (Black) Ticked Tabby/White Maine Coon

Leslie & David Grainger

Breeder: Becky/John Boesch
Owner: Becky Boesch

8th Best Kitten

RW Endelosglede Aspen
Brown (Black) Classic Tabby/White Norwegian Forest

Love from CarolsCats

Breeder/Owner: Pam Butcher/Tracy Hisel

9th Best Kitten

RW Facehuggers Canyouhearmenow
Brown (Black) Spotted Torbie Devon Rex

Sponsored by Ragalong Ragdolls

Breeder: Honey Gilmore/Charles Haynie/Lyssa Paull
Owner: Lyssa Paull

10th Best Kitten

RW Ragalong Wedgewood Blue
Blue Point/Bicolor Ragdoll

Sponsored by Ragalong Ragdolls

Breeder/Owner: Alan And Marilyn Mccorkindale

11th Best Kitten

RW Kaikazkats Calamity Of Wasillia/Cf
Brown (Black) Classic Torbie/White Persian

Breeder: Sheikha Althani
Owner: Jenny Vessey

12th Best Kitten

RW Woodpile Peregrin Took
Brown (Black) Classic Tabby Maine Coon

In loving memory of Hoot

Breeder: Jan Dell
Owner: Jan Dell/Stefani Harris

13th Best Kitten

RW Etonnant Jon Snow's Ghost/Cf
White Turkish Angora

Such a beautiful cat! Lucy

Breeder: Michelle/Dan Beaudry
Owner: James/Elizabeth Thompson

14th Best Kitten

RW Wasillia Lil-Bit O Honey/Cf
Brown (Black) Classic Tabby/White Persian

Breeder: Jenny Vessey
Owner: Christa Chapman

15th Best Kitten

RW Dramatails Logan Of Felinecurly
Blue/White Selkirk Rex Longhair

Leslie & David Grainger

Breeder: Lucy Robinson
Owner: Susan Newell Silva

16th Best Kitten

RW Woodpile Solar Eclipse
Red Classic Tabby/White Maine Coon

Love from CarolsCats

Breeder: Jan Dell
Owner: Jan Dell/Robert Mears

17th Best Kitten

RW Cullykhan Cosmopolitan
Black Tortie/White Persian

Sponsored by TNCC

Breeder: Mrs A Millican
Owner: Andres Munt/Nicholas Lovell

18th Best Kitten

RW Excatiburfolds Batman
Brown (Black) Mackerel Tabby Scottish Straight

Breeder/Owner: Sauncha Romey

19th Best Kitten

RW Legendtales Fitzi
Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby Pixiebob

Congratulations on a great show year

Breeder/Owner: Amy Mangefeste

20th Best Kitten

RW Dreamquest Andromeda
Brown (Black) Marbled Tabby Bengal

Sponsored by FelineCurly

Breeder/Owner: Wayne Trnka

21st Best Kitten

RW Sarsenstone Camas Of Quizzical
Seal Point Thai

Congrats from your felllow cat show traveller! Becky

Breeder: Cristy L Bird
Owner: Virginia H Harris

22nd Best Kitten

RW Silverbrook Wonder Girl
Blue British Shorthair

Breeder: Marlena/Michelle Mattingly
Owner: Michelle Mattingly

23rd Best Kitten

RW Coonamor Sway
Brown (Black) Mackerel Tabby Maine Coon

Congratulations from Popokilani

Breeder/Owner: Jan Horlick

24th Best Kitten

RW Dramatails Half Magic
Chocolate Smoke Tortie Selkirk Rex

Sponsored by Legendtales

Breeder/Owner: Lucy Robinson

25th Best Kitten

RW Simplynude Hulk Of Fantcfur
Red/White Sphynx

Sponsored by TNCC

Breeder/Owner: Lori Armitage/Peggy Smith

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