2017-18 Junior Exhibitors
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Breed Winners
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First Place~Simone Romey
Sponsored by Melanie Guthrie
Second Place~Savannah Benson
Sponsored by Corine Lichtenberg
Third Place~Maren Santiago
Sponsored by Edgewood Vet Hospital
Fourth Place~Dhredyn Hadley
Sponsored by Elaine & Fred Weitz
Fifth Place~Sara Mangefeste

Sponsored by Amy Peterson Mangefeste
Sixth Place~Robert Munford
Sponsored by Elaine & Fred Weitz
Seventh Place~Stella Mason
Sponsored by Elaine & Fred Weitz
Eighth Place~Amelia Parkinson
Sponsored by Michele Mislang & Nate Parkinson
Ninth Place~Knight Arndt
Sponsored by Virginia Harris
Tenth Place~Jordan Utz
Sponsored by Elaine & Fred Weitz

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