2017-18 Top 25 Alters
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NW Alter of The Year

IW SGCA Sunspirit Sugar Bear Of Smokeycoons
Red Lynx (Tabby) Point Himalayan

Sponsored by Hoaloha Persians & Exotics

Breeder: Gaynell Gallaway
Owner: E Hawksworth-Weitz/F J Weitz

2nd Best Alter

LA SGCA Kelloggs Hit The Lights Of Samphire
Black Silver Classic Tabby American Shorthair

Sponsored by Heycat American Shorthairs/Nancy Welch

Breeder: Heinrich And Carly Kellogg
Owner: Heinrich And Carly Kellogg/C Schofield

3rd Best Alter

IW SGCA Ashlin Zots Thenardier/Cf
Black Silver Classic Tabby/White Exotic Shorthair

Sponsored by Tikka Sky Bengals

Breeder: Linda Donley
Owner: Andres Munt/Nicholas Lovell

4th Best Alter

IW SGCA Casadecano Cha Ching Of Samphire/CF
Seal Lynx (Tabby) Point Siamese

Sponsored by Comfy&Cozy Coons

Breeder: Patricia L Decano
Owner: Cornelia Schofield

5th Best Alter
IW SGC Woodpile Fire When Ready
Red Classic Tabby/White Maine Coon

Love from CarolsCats

Breeder/Owner: Jan Dell

6th Best Alter
RW SGCA Etonnant Jon Snow's Ghost/CF
White Turkish Angora

Congratulations to such a gorgeous native cat of Turkey!

Breeder: Michelle/Dan Beaudry
Owner: James/Elizabeth Thompson

7th Best Alter

RW SGCA Haifa Lolas Foreignaffair Of Pipkin
Brown (Black) Spotted Torbie/White Cornish Rex

Sponsored by Ragalong Ragdolls

Breeder: Joann/Mike Niederman
Owner: Bobbi Watson

8th Best Alter

RW SGCA Sarsenstone Kraisorn Of Quizzical
Seal Point Thai

Congrats on your win! Bobbi

Breeder: Martin Feather/Cristy Bird
Owner: Virginia H Harris

9th Best Alter

RW SGCA Folders Mcbutters
Brown (Black) Ticked Tabby/White Scottish Fold

Sponsored by FelienCurly Selkirk Rex

Breeder: Amanda Stewart/Sally Patch
Owner: Amanda Stewart

10th Best Alter

RW SGCA Foresthunter Rhyannon Nikkita
Black Smoke Kurilian Bobtail Longhair

Sponsored by Ragalong Ragdolls

Breeder: Kornelia Surmann
Owner: Shirley And Jeff Byington

11th Best Alter

RW SGCA Hoofsnpaws Makoto
Red/White Japanese Bobtail

Sponsored by Ragalong Ragdolls

Breeder: Megan Antijunti/Jan Dell
Owner: Shirley And Jeff Byington

12th Best Alter

RW SGCA Geishagoll Cloud
Blue Point Siamese

Breeder: Constance Goller
Owner: Kimberly Reinbrecht

13th Best Alter

RW SGCA Sacredspirit Yamaha
Sable Burmese

Congrats Yaya!!

Breeder: Mila Denny
Owner: Margaret Mcgowan

14th Best Alter

RW SGCA Mai Thai Celine Dion
Lilac Point Siamese

Breeder/Owner: Yvonne Oster

15th Best Alter

RW SGCA Ragalong King Louis XIV
Blue Point/Bicolor Ragdoll

Sponsored by Ragalong Ragdolls

Breeder: Alan And Marilyn Mccorkindale
Owner: Linda Strait

16th Best Alter

RW SGCA Catcurls Bc Lavanillah
Seal Lynx (Tabby) Point Laperm

Congratulations from one curly to another, Lola

Breeder/Owner: Denise Abraham

17th Best Alter

RW SGCA Etonnant Winter Is Coming
White Turkish Angora

Congratulations from Koa, Hani, Hoku & Kea

Breeder: D M Beaudry
Owner: Jim And Elizabet Thompson

18th Best Alter

RW SGCA Melur Kaldbakur/Fi
Sable Ticked Tabby Singapura

Breeder: Lisa Dumoulin
Owner: Laurie Smith

19th Best Alter

RW SGCA Sunspirit Some Buddy To Love
Red Lynx (Tabby) Point Exotic Shorthair

Sponsored by Hoaloha

Breeder/Owner: Gaynell Gallaway

20th Best Alter

RW SGCA Heavenlyhairles Obie Won Kanobee
Lilac Peterbald

Breeder: Brenda Main
Owner: Brenda Jean Main

21st Best Alter

RW QGCA Jungletime Diva Dazzled In Diamonds
Seal Spotted Lynx (Tabby) Point Bengal

Breeder: Jennifer Weiss/Marie Vodicka
Owner: Jamie Hadley

22nd Best Alter

RW QGCA Dramatails Curious George
Red Mackerel Tabby/White Selkirk Rex

Sponsored by Legendtales Pixiebobs

Breeder/Owner: Lucy Robinson

23rd Best Alter

RW TGCA Ocigatos Rocket Science
Black/White Manx

Breeder: Kathy Gumm
Owner: Mark Davis/Kathy Gumm And Carroll Muck

24th Best Alter

RW SGCA Sacredspirit Mr Pagliaccio Fellini
Red Sepia Burmese

Congratulations Mr P!!

Breeder: Mila Denny
Owner: Margaret Mcgowan

25th Best Alter

RW SGC Lovestory Treasure Me Bi Design
Blue Point/Bicolor Ragdoll

Love from CarolsCats

Breeder/Owner: Dana Croisdale

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