2017-18 Top 25 Cats
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Best Cat
Best Shorthair Cat
Best Chartreux

IW SGC Carchet Masquerade

Breeder : Carole Mcfadden
Owner: Carole K Mcfadden/Chet Walborn

Sponsored by Cozy&Comfy Coons

2nd Best Cat
2nd Best Shorthair Cat
Best Exotic Shorthair

IW SGC Legacysexotics Its A Kinda Magic
Red Silver Classic Tabby/White Exotic Shorthair

Congratulations! Kamisha Bengals & Exotics.

Breeder : Melody Young
Owner: Andres Munt/Nicholas Lovell/Linda Donley

3rd Best Cat
Best Longhair Cat
Best Maine Coon

LA SGC Shonancats Telegram Sam Of Coonamor
Brown (Black) Classic Tabby Maine Coon

Sponsored by Ragalong Ragdolls

Breeder : Ryoko Doi
Owner: Jan Horlick

4th Best Cat
2nd Best Longhair Cat
Best Ragdoll

Congratulations from Carol & Chet

RW SGC Ragalong My Pooh Bear
Seal Point/Bicolor Ragdoll

Breeder /Owner: Alan And Marilyn Mccorkindale

5th Best Cat
3rd Best Longhair Cat
2nd Best Maine Coon

RW SGC Bigrivercoon Flint
Brown (Black) Ticked Tabby/White Maine Coon

Congratulations on such a successful year! A magnificent fellow!

Breeder : Becky/John Boesch
Owner: Becky Boesch

6th Best Cat
3rd Best Shorthair Cat
Best Thai

RW SGC Sarsenstone Camas Of Quizzical
Seal Point Thai

Love you and your cats!

Breeder : Cristy L Bird
Owner: Virginia H Harris

7th Best Cat
4th Best Shorthair Cat
Best Bengal

RW SGC Snopride Shes A Beauty
Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby Bengal

Congratulations from Tikka Sky Bengals.

Breeder : Margie Ann Heil
Owner: Syndi Odell

8th Best Cat
5th Best Shorthair Cat
Best Manx

RW SGC Faerietail Gemma
Brown (Black) Classic Torbie Manx

Sexy Rumpies!!

Breeder : Trisha Carson/Lyssa Paull
Owner: Lyssa Paull

9th Best Cat
6th Best Shorthair Cat
2nd Best Chartreux

IW SGC Carchet Marionette
Blue Chartreux

Sponsored by Ragalong Ragdolls

Breeder /Owner: Carole K Mcfadden/Chet Walborn

10th Best Cat
7th Best Shorthair Cat
Best Scottish Straight

Congratulations from Carole & Chet

RW SGC Excatiburfolds Batman

Brown (Black) Mackerel Tabby Scottish Straight

Breeder /Owner: Sauncha Romey

11th Best Cat
8th Best Shorthair Cat
Best Sphynx

RW SGC Skinisin Mister Gizmo
Black/White Sphynx

Congrats on Mr. Gizmo's huge success!! Valerie

Breeder /Owner: Colleen Boissonnault

12th Best Cat
9th Best Shorthair Cat
Best British Shorthair

RW SGC Silverbrook Guccio Gucci Of Bcblues
Blue British Shorthair

Sponsored by Teresa Trecker

Breeder : Marlena Mattingly
Owner: Pamela Lowndes

13th Best Cat
10th Best Shorthair Cat
Best Peterbald

RW SGC Heavenlyhairles Lucille Baldera
Seal Lynx (Tabby) Point Peterbald

Congrats to such a great cat and season

Breeder : Brenda Jean Main
Owner: Brenda J Main

14th Best Cat
11th Best Shorthair Cat
2nd Best Bengal

RW SGC Ripcity His Purple Majesty Prince
Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby Bengal

Congratulations from Dramatails Selkirk Rex

Breeder : Lisa Johnson/Julie L Ollis
Owner: Lisa Johnson

15th Best Cat
12th Best Shorthair Cat
2nd Best British Shorthair

RW QGC Cheshirelady Hobbit
Blue British Shorthair

Breeder /Owner: Galina Benko

16th Best Cat
4th Best Longhair Cat
Best Persian

RW DGC Wasillia Lil Bit Of Gracee
Cream Classic Tabby/White Persian

Love your beautiful babies! Lucy

Breeder : Jenny Vessey/Tina Heigl
Owner: Jenny Vessey

17th Best Cat
5th Best Longhair Cat
2nd Best Ragdoll

RW QGC Familytimerags Coca Cola Bear
Seal Point/Mitted Ragdoll


Breeder : Stormi/Charles/Ashlan/Joey Nell
Owner: Teresa Trecker

18th Best Cat
13th Best Shorthair Cat
3rd Best Bengal

RW QGC Jewelspride Solo
Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby Bengal

Sponsored by RostovAlmaz Toybobs

Breeder /Owner: Carmen Klassen

19th Best Cat
6th Best Longhair Cat
2nd Best Persian

RW SGC Wasillia Lil Bit O Honey
Brown (Black) Classic Tabby/White Persian

Congratulations! Love the Wasillia Kitties

Breeder : Jenny Vessey
Owner: Christa Chapman

20th Best Cat
14th Best Shorthair Cat
Best Scottish Fold

RW QGC N-Theodora Felisia
Brown (Black) Classic Torbie/White Scottish Fold

Congratulations! And welcome to TICA!

Breeder : Matsak Elena
Owner: Linda Maddocks

21st Best Cat
7th Best Longhair Cat
3rd Best Ragdoll

RW QGC Glassrosens Captain Jack Harkness
Seal Lynx (Tabby) Point/Bicolor Ragdoll

Sponsored by Ragalong Ragdolls

Breeder : Cecilie Midtgaard And Berit Huseby
Owner: Lise Cardinal

22nd Best Cat
15th Best Shorthair Cat
3rd Best British Shorthair

RW QGC Bribear Peter The Great
Blue British Shorthair

Breeder : Tatyana Rybtseva
Owner: Pamela Barrett
Sponsored by FelineCurly Selkirk Rex

23rd Best Cat
8th Best Longhair Cat
3rd Best Maine Coon

RW SGC Coonamor Seven Seasof Rhye
Brown (Black) Classic Torbie Maine Coon

Congratulations from Popokilani

Breeder /Owner: Jan Horlick

24th Best Cat
16th Best Shorthair Cat
Best Abyssinian

RW QGC Nightrox Creme Dela Creme
Fawn Ticked Tabby Abyssinian

Breeder : Susan M/Graham/Kristina Marshall
Owner: Susan M/Graham Marshall

25th Best Cat
17th Best Shorthair Cat
Best Oriental Shorthair

RW QGC Balimoor Evangeline Of Toreador
Lilac Spotted Tabby Oriental Shorthair

Breeder : Maureen Davies
Owner: Angela Hick Ewing
Congratulations from Carole & Chet

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