2021-22 Bottom 10 Shorthaired Cats
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(c) Chanan

16th Best Shorthaired Cat

RW SGC San-Toi's Mimosa of Happyhour/CF

Chocolate Silver Lynx (Tabby) Point/White Siamese
Breeder: Dee Johnson/Connie Roberts
Owner: Natasha Jewett

Sponsored by Kassandra B. & Mary G.

17th Best Shorthaired Cat

RW QGC Velpaws Dyson of Somsinai

Chocolate Point Siamese
Breeder: June Abbott Colwell
Owner: Tracy Hisel

Sponsored by Petbengal

18th Best Shorthaired Cat

RW Chaldee Buster Brown of Shortncurly/CF

Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby Selkirk Rex
Breeder: Craig Thoele
Owner: andrea/Eric Cavanaugh/Anicia Carr

Sponsored by Kitti and Sara

19th Best Shorthaired Cat

RW QGC D'Eden Lover Romeo/CF

Brown (Black) Classic Tabby Exotic Shorthair
Breeder: Frederic Gaspard/Adam Rogowski
Owner: Kate Yun Lee/Dae Hyun Park

Sponsored by Kamisha Bengals

20th Best Shorthaired Cat

RW QGC Mcsmitten Deja

Black Tortie British Shorthair
Breeder/Owner: Shelly Mitchell

Sponsored by
Damewood Cat Co. & Willow Vale Scottish Breeders

21st Best Shorthaired Cat

RW SGC Bastetexotics Venus Fire

Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby Bengal
Breeder/Owner: Sukhmani Boparai

Congratulations Sonu & Venus! - Sam & Carmen Klassen, Jewelspride Bengals

22nd Best Shorthaired Cat

RW QGC Sapphirestar Xiao-Meow/GC

Seal Point/Bicolor Snowshoe
Breeder: Mrs K Gee
Owner: Mrs Anne Graham

Sponsored by Sandy and Shauna McAllister

23rd Best Shorthaired Cat

RW BW QGC Diva Divnaya Sviatoslav/ID

Brown (Black) Classic Torbie/White Donskoy

Breeder: Natalia Stoyanovich
Owner: Megan Duffy

Sponsored by Naked, Warm and Wrinkly Donskoy Cats

24th Best Shorthaired Cat

RW Buttaflykiss Smooshmallow

Brown (Black) Classic Tabby/Bicolor Exotic Shorthair
Breeder: Vanessa Rogers and Janet Sattler
Owner: Vanessa Rogers

Congratulations! - Sunspirit Exotics and Himalayans

25th Best Shorthaired Cat

RW BW SGC Facehuggers Whimsy

Chocolate Classic Tabby Devon Rex
Breeder: Honey Gilmore/Charles Haynie/Lyssa Paull
Owner: Lyssa Paull

Congrats Big Sister! Love, Squish!

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