2013-14 Top 25 Alters
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Best Alter

IW SGCA Kelloggs Hit The Lights Of Samphire
Black Silver Classic Tabby American Shorthair

Breeder: Heinrich And Carly Kellogg
Owner: Heinrich And Carly Kellogg/C Schofield
Photo (c) Helmi

Way to go Lars. You are some cool pussy cat
2nd Best Alter

IW SGCA Phyxius My Valentino of Sirpurrs
Black Persian

Breeder: Vicki Glasford / Sheryl Fann
Owner: Jinelle Girard

Photo (c) Chanan

Lillian Tokarek
3rd Best Alter

RW Pinupcats Dark Side-of-the-Moon
Black and White Sphynx

Breeder: Cyndee Gause
Owner: Jovanna Edge

Photo (c) Helmi

KunGraTCHooLaShUNz 2 mY GrandFaTHUR frUm YooR SeXee GraNDSuN DepP YaTez
4th Best Alter

RW SGCA Skan Deja Bleu
Lilac Point Siamese

Breeder: Ann H Leaty
Owner: Anna Ackerman

Photo (c) Chanan

Congratulations from the Cats of Gaddagh
5th Best Alter

RW Makoto
Red and White Japanese Bobtail

Breeder: Megan Antijunti and Jan Dell
Owner: Shirley and Jeff Byington

Photo (c) Tetsu

Congrats Makoto on a great year - From Anna and DJ
6th Best Alter

RW SGCA Dramatails American Beauty
Brown(Black) Mackerel Torbie with White Selkirk Rex LH

Breeder: Lucy Robinson
Owner: Susan Silva

Photo (c) Helmi

Congratulations ~ Skyway Cat Club ~ Theresa Kempton

7th Best Alter

RW SGCA Sarenstone Thorn Hailwasp
Seal Point Thai

Breeder: Martin Feather / Cristy Bird
Owner: Kelly Hayton

Photo (c) Helmi

Congratulations from David and Lesley  
8th Best Alter

IW SGCA Balimoor Belles Liam
BLilac(Lynx) Tabby Point Balinese

Breeder: Maureen Davies
Owner: Susan Barry
Photo (c) Helmi

Meowsers Me-ow purrr purr !!!
(Congratulations Mr Handsome Liam!!)
With love from your many purrfriends at Catcurl Laperms
  9th Best Alter

IW SGCA Bigrivercoon Puma of Smokeycoons
Red Classic Tabby Maine Coon

Breeder: Becky Boesch
Owner: Elaine Hawksworth Weitz and Fred Weitz
Photo (c) Gus Sanderson

Congratulations Elaine and Fred!
You have shown Puma to perfection.
Bigrivercoon Maine Coons
10th Best Alter

 RW SGCA Balimoor Chase the Wind
Chocolate Lynx (Tabby) Point Balinese

Breeder: Maureen Davies
Owner: Lesley And David Grainger
Photo (c) Gus Sanderson

Way to go Chase - enjoy your retirement!
From the FraserValley retirees!

11th Best Alter

RW SGCA Angeleyes Cool Prince Charming
Chocolate Point Gloved Birman

Breeder: Sylvia Foulds
Owner: Patricia Zahorodniuk
Photo (c) Wells

Congratulations from the TICA NW Region
12th Best Alter

RW SGCA Arrowlakes Glistening Raindrop
Black Smoke Persian

Breeder: Joyce Maloff
Owner: Johanna Maloff

13th Best Alter

RW SGCA Catcurls BC Lavanillah
Seal Lynx (Tabby) Point LaPerm

Breeder/Owner: Denise Abraham

Congratulations from Carol and Skylar

 14th Best Alter

RW SGCA Shownofur Bat Mr Batsy Cow Bell
Seal Point and White Sphynx

Breeder: Frances Fischer
Owner: Valerie Jardin

Photo (c) Gus

Congrats from your pal Spidey, and family!

15th Best Alter

RW SGCA Ironforge Skysthelimit
Black Silver Classic Tabby with White American Shorthair

Breeder: Steele & Angele Harden
Owner: Carol Juhasz

Photo (c) Gus

Congrats Carol & Skylar Love Dana & Gang
16th Best Alter

RW SGCA Bigrivercoon Rock Hudson
Brown (Black) Classic Tabby Maine Coon

Breeder: Becky & John Boesch
Owner: Bernie & Anita Danyluk

Photo (c) Wells

Congratulations Anita and Bernie.
Thanks Kathy and Margaret for helping show this wonderful boy. Way to go Hudson! You Rock! Bigrivercoon Maine Coons

17th Best Alter

RW SGCA Evergreen Cinnamon Twist
Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby Pixiebob

Breeder:Janet McGee
Owner: Lee Jordan and Janet McGee

Sponsored by the Pacific Northwest Outlaws
18th Best Alter

RW SGCA Balimoor Indigo
Blue Lynx (Tabby) Point Balinese

Breeder: Maureen Davies
Owner: Anna Ackerman

Photo(c) Chanan

Sponsored by Balimoor Cattery

19th Best Alter

RW SGCA Rhyanon Nikkita
Black Smoke Kurillian Bobtail Longhair

Breeder: Kornelia Surmann
Owner: Kornelia Surmann and Shirley Byington

Photo (c) Tetsu

Congratulations from mom for a job well done!
I am so proud of you!

20th Best Alter

RW SGC Kaperkats Kramer
Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby Pixiebob

Breeder/Owner: Kay Doyle
Photo(c) Tetsu

Sponsored by Pacific Northwest Outlaws
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