2013-14 Top 25 Kittens
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Best Kitten

IW Marvonack Matties Image
Red Mackerel Tabby Exotic Shorthair

Breeder/Owner: Yvonne Patrick
Photo(c) Larry Johnson

Sponsored by Poppy Schofield
2nd Best Kitten

IW Balimoor Snow Runner
White Oriental Longhair

Breeder: Maureen Davies/Angela Hick Ewing
Owner: Maureen Davies
Photo(c) Chanan

Congratulations "Little One"from the Cats of Gaddagh
3rd Best Kitten

RW Ironforge This Magic Moment
Black Silver Classic Torbie with White American Shorthair

Breeder: Steele & Angele Harden
Owner: Steele & Angele Harden/C Rennie/S Hoops
Photo(c) Angele Harden

Congratulations from Carol and Skylar
4th Best Kitten

RW Fraservalley Denalis Thunder
Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal

Breeder: Julie Ollis/Kelly Hayton
Owner: Kelly Hayton
Photo(c) Larry Johnson

Congrats to a beautiful boy.
Sponsored by: Julie Ollis and Bengal Flats.
5th Best Kitten

RW Wallycats Seeing Red

Red Persian

Breeder/Owner: Roma Anthony

Congratulations from Carol and Skylar
6th Best Kitten

RW Vicrock Dancing with Dogs
Red Spotted Tabby Devon Rex

Breeder/Owner: Larry & Ellen Crockett
Photo(c) Gus Sanderson

What a great way to splash back into the breeding world! Congratulations to you and Twiddle.
7th Best Kitten

RW Tasurt Osiris
Black Grizzled Ticked Tabby Chausie

Breeder: Bobbie Tullo
Owner: Alex and Dasha Marinets

Congratulations Osi! from Coonamor
8th Best Kitten

RW Arrowlakes Glorious Day
Blue Persian

Breeder/Owner: Johanna Maloff

9th Best Kitten

RW Grandbois Iteuil
Blue Chartreux

Breeder: Nancy Dionne/Carole McFadden
Owner: Carole McFadden
10th Best Kitten

RW Woodpile Quicksilver
Black Silver Classic Tabby with White Maine Coon

Breeder/Owner: Jan Dell

Congratulations to Woodpile Maine Coons!
11th Best Kitten
RW Dramatails Million Dollar Baby
Cream Classic Tabby with White Selkirk Rex

Breeder/Owner: Lucy Robinson

Photo(c) ZooCrew

Congratulations from Ragalong Ragdolls
12th Best Kitten
RW Chershirelady Galateya Dali
Blue British Shorthair

Breeder/Owner: Galina Benko

Coongratulations from the TICA NW Region
13th Best Kitten
RW Ironforge Skysthelimit
Black SIlver Classic Tabby with White American Shorthair

Breeder: Angele & Steele Harden
Owner: Carol Juhasz
Photo(c) Gus Sanderson

Congrats Carol & Skylar Love Dana & Gang
14th Best Kitten
RW Tropikoons Flirtini of Cascademtn

Brown Classic Torbie with White Maine Coon

Breeder: Stephanie Boulter
Owner: Susan and Blair Milburn
Photo(c) Starrlight

Congratulations to you for such a successful show season! I am so grateful that you showed Flirt and achieved this awesome title for her.
From, Stephanie
15th Best Kitten
RW Ragalong Wind Drifter
 Seal Point/Bicolor Ragdoll

Breeder/Owner: Alan and Marilyn McCorkindale

Sponsored by Ragalong Ragdolls
16th Best Kitten

RW Kuriliangem Red Nikita
Red Kurlian Bobtail Longhair

Breeder: Alex and Dasha Marinets
Owner: Lesley Grainger

Congratulations from Hoaloha Persians
17th Best Kitten

RW Legendtales Jezebel
Brown Spotted Tabby Pixiebob

Breeder: Amy Peterson
Owner: Amy Peterson, Sarah Mangefeste and Cornelia Schofield
Photo(c) Helmi

Sponsored by Pacific Northwest Outlaws
18th Best Kitten

RW Cascademtn Blackhawk
Black Maine Coon

Breeder/Owner: Susan/Blair Milburn

19th Best Kitten

RW Dramatails I am Legend
Lavender and White Selkirk Rex

Breeder: Lucy Robinson and Meagan Avants
Owner: Susan Silva
Photo(c) Starrlight

Yay for the purple cat!
Sponsored by Legendtales Pixiebobs
20th Best Kitten

RW Morado Betty Boop of Wallycats

Brown (Black) Classic Tabby with White Persian

Breeder: Gabrielle Moore
Owner: Roma Anthony and Gabrielle Moore
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