2013-14 Top 25 Cats
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Best Cat

IW SGC Endelosglede Nevil
Brown (Black) Classic Tabby with White Norwegian Forest Cat

Breeder/Owner: Tracy Hisel and Pam Butcher

Congrats on a fantastic year!
Java and the Carchet Crew

2nd Best Cat

IW SGC Cascademtn Blackhawk
Black Maine Coon

Breeder/Owner: Blair & Susan Milburn

Congratulations to BlackHawk, Susan and Blair Milburn. Hawk is such a stunning Maine Coon, well deserving of every single win! I'm so proud to know you! With love, Judy Friedman, Coons'Kin Maine Coons

3rd Best Cat

RW SGC Britz Braveheart of Magnacatta
Blue British Shorthair

Breeder: Jeanette Phillip
Owner: Brenda Ffraser & Darrell Nordby

Congratulations to Brenda & Darrell, Magnacatta, for Braveheart's Top 20 win. Beautiful boy, well shown.
From Lyn & Bob of SterlingBrits.

4th Best Cat

RW SGC Balimoor Lord Tate
Blue Lynx (Tabby) Point Balinese

Breeder/Owner: Maureen Davies

Love you little cat. Congrats, the Cats of Gaddagh
5th Best Cat

RW SGC Dramatails I am Legend
Lavender and White Selkirk Rex

Breeder: Lucy Robinson and Meagan Avants
Owner: Susan Silva

Yay for the purple cat!
Sponsored by Legendtales Pixiebobs

6th Best Cat

RW SGC Legendtales El Skippito
Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby Pixiebob Longhair

Breeder: Amy Peterson
Owner: Amy Peterson, Sarah Mangefeste, Cornelia Schofield

Sponsored by Pacific Northwest Outlaws

7th Best Cat

RW SGC Legendtales Jezebel
Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby Pixiebob

Breeder: Amy Peterson
Owner: Amy Peterson, Sarah Mangefeste, Cornelia Schofield

Sponsored by Pacific Northwest Outlaws

8th Best Cat

RW SGC Arrowlakes Glorious Day
Blue Persian

Breeder/Owner: Johanna Maloff


9th Best Cat

RW SGC Wallycats Magicmike of Wilden
White Persian

Breeder: Roma Anthony
Owner: Ed & Karen Hoppe, Roma Anthony

10th Best Cat

IW SGC Marvonack Matties Image
Red Mackerel Tabby Exotic Shorthair

Breeder/Owner: Yvonne Patrick

Congratulations from Gaynell Galloway

11th Best Cat

RW SGC Balimoor Snow Runner
White Oriental Longhair

Breeder: Maureen Davies and Angela Hick-Ewing
Owner: Maureen Davies

Congratulations from David and Lesley
12th Best Cat

RW SGC Amber Show Chocolatmousse of RKGems
Brown (Black) Classic Tabby with White Scottish Fold Longhair

Breeder: Marilee Griswold
Owner: Owner: Randy & Kay Bertrand

13th Best Cat

RW SGC Faithful Big Daddy of Sunspirit
Brown (Black) Mackerel Tabby with White Exotic Shorthair

Breeder: kelly Langdon and Faith Forrer
Owner: Gaynell Gallaway

Congratulations from Hoaloha Persians
14th Best Cat

RW SGC Cascademtn Chai Latte of Coonamor
Brown (Black) Classic Torbie Maine Coon

Breeder: Susan and Blair Milburn
Owner: Jan Horlick

Congratulations! We are so proud of Chai, Jan, David and all the member of Coonamor! Sending the endless clap by hands and paws. Yukari, Yasuyuki & the furry members from Popokilani Maine Coon Cattery, Japan.

15th Best Cat

RW SGC Sacredspirit Victoria Secret
Lilac Sepia Burmese

Breeder/Owner: Mila Denny

Sponsored by Sacredspirit Burmese
16th Best Cat

RW SGC Traipse Vouvray
Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal

Breeder/Owner: Teresa Seling

Congratulations! From Wayne Trnka of
Dreamquest Bengals

17th Best Cat

RW SGC Hoaloha Dreamin O Creamo
Seal Silver Lynx (Tabby) Point Himalayan

Breeder: Munira Murrey and Christa Chapman
Owner: Christa Chapman

Great Achievement, Creamo! Way to go!

18th Best Cat

RW SGC Sunspirit Champagne Wishes
Red Point Himalayan

Breeder: Gaynell Galloway
Owner: Karen and Ed Hoppe


19th Best Cat

RW SGC Wild King V Marquis' Zaro/LO
Brown (Black) Classic Tabby Maine Coon

Breeder: Cornelia Nagel
Owner: Jan Dell

20th Best Cat

RW SGC Lovestory Treasure me Bi Design
Blue Point BiColor

Breeder/Owner: Dana Croisdale

Congratulations from Carol and Skylar
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