2020-21 Outstanding Dams
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Junior Exhibitors   OD/OS/LA   Member of the Year   Humanitarian of the Year   Sportsman of the Year

OD Dramatails Cinderella

Black Smoke Tortie Selkirk Rex
Breeder/Owner: Lucy Robinson

 TGCA Dramatails The Cat Comes Back
DGCA Dramatails Spy Who Dumped Me
QGCA Dramatails Mama Mia Here WeGo Again
RW BW GRC Dramatails Smoke on the Water
TGC Dramatails Shawshank Redemption

TGC OD Bigrivercoon Stardust

Black Smoke Tortie and White
Breeder/Owner: Becky Boesch

 RW QGC Bigrivercoon Calista of Larhae
RW QGCA Bigrivercoon Leroy Brown
RW SGC Bigrivercoon Love Me Tender,
RW SGC Bigrivercoon Moon Shadow
RW SGCA Bigrivercoon Smokejumper

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