2019-20 Bottom 16 Longhaired Cats
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10th Best Longhaired Cat

RW QGC Mainelyclassic Melba of Mishikoonz
Black Shaded Ticked Torbie/White Maine Coon

Breeder: Rae Sammis
Owner: Carolyn Tucker
Congrats from WestCoast Coons/Cathy McDonald  

11th Best Longhaired Cat

RW QGC Florence Coon Delizia/ID
Black Silver Mackerel Tabby/White Maine Coon

Breeder: Lara Manni
Owner: Jan M Dell
Coongrats! Aoi Neko Maine Coons/Janet Blume

12th Best Longhaired Cat

RW QGC Izzadorablerags Rhapsody in Blue
Blue Point Bicolor Ragdoll

Breeder/Owner: Rebecca Player
Congratulations to a Lovely Lady!  

13th Best Longhaired Cat

RW Wallycats Pablo
Red Persian

Breeder/Owner: Roma Anthony

14th Best Longhaired Cat

RW QGC Sacchidananda Sun Jewel of Toreador
Lilac Lynx Tabby Point Balinese

Breeder: Linda L Galloway
Owner: Angela Hick-Ewing / Linda Galloway
Congratulations from the Calgary Cat Association.  

15th Best Longhaired Cat

RW CH MTNest Sir Fitzroy
Brown (Black) Classic Tabby/White Maine Coon

Breeder: Judy/Dave Bernbaum
Owner: Cindy Mandel
Congrats! MTNest Maine Coons/Judy & David Bernbaum

16th Best Longhaired Cat

RW My Beautiful Eyes Jiocca/WC
Black Smoke Tortie with White Scottish Fold Longhair

Breeder: Natalia Grinchenko
Owner: Julie Goforth
Congrats from Pacific Northwest Snowshoes/Anne Graham  

17th Best Longhaired Cat

RW TGC Cherubdolls China Doll
Seal Point Bicolor Ragdoll

Breeder: Mengya Ye
Owner: Lise Cardinal
Congratulations! Marina Agapov

18th Best Longhaired Cat

RW CH Rosecottage Constantine
Blue Point Bicolor Ragdoll

Breeder: Karen Hoppe
Owner: Kristy Goodloe
In memory of Barbara Callison Nancy Dionne  

19th Best Longhaired Cat

RW Missionhill Key to Eternity
Black Silver Chinchilla Persian

Breeder/Owner: Munira Murrey
Congratulations! Kathy Shaw

20th Best Longhaired Cat

RW DGC Newt Scamander Lucianaurora
Blue Lynx Tabby Point Siberian

Breeder: Svetlana Afanasyeva
Owner: Kristen Lucille Cousins
Congratulations from The Evergreen Cat Fanciers  

21st Best Longhaired Cat

RW BW SGC Endelosglede Bjorn
White Norwegian Forest Cat

Breeder/Owner: Tracy Hisel/Pam Butcher
Congratulations from The New Culture Club

22nd Best Longhaired Cat

RW SGC Mustloverags Clyde of Bakerviewrags
Lilac Point Ragdoll

Breeder/Owner: Paige Tesluck/Beverly Welsh
Congratulations! Awesome Lilac-Rebecca Player

23rd Best Longhaired Cat

RW SGC Excatiburfolds Creampuff
Cream Shaded Classic Tabby/White Scottish Fold Longhair

Breeder: Sauncha Romey
Owner: Sauncha/Simone Romey
Congratulations! Lostwoods Norwegian Forest Cats/Lisa Vasa

24th Best Longhaired Cat (Tie)

RW Izzadorablerags Bing
Seal Point Bicolor Ragdoll

Breeder/Owner: Rebecca Player
Congratulations Maksim! You are amazing! Aude Hebert

24th Best Longhaired Cat (Tie)

RW Wintermist Maxsim
Black Golden Shaded Siberian

Breeder/Owner: Gail Best
Congratulations from Mustloverags/Paige Tesluck!

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