2022-23 Top 25 Kittens
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Kitten of the Year

IW BW Facehuggers Piece and a Half
Odd Eyed White Devon Rex

Breeder/Owner: Lyssa A Paull

Congratulations from Wallycats!

2nd Best Kitten

RW Wallycats Opie
Red Persian

Breeder/Owner: Roma Anthony

Heycat American Shorthairs
Nancy Welch
3rd Best Kitten

RW BW Samphire Tetley Teabagger
Chocolate Havana

Breeder/Owner: Cornelia Schofield / Jonna Innman

Sponsored by Samphire Cattery

4th Best Kitten

RW BW Dramatails Alice in Wonderland
Brown(Black) Spotted Torbie/White Selkirk Rex

Breeder/Owner: Kera Amos/Lucy Robinson

Sponsored by Nightmist Abyssinians
5th Best Kitten

RW Kangchenjunga Bungle in the Jungle
Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby Bengal

Breeder: Donna Bluford
Owner: Esther Wenman

Congratulations from Kimberly Reinbrecht
6th Best Kitten

RW Dramatails FuNkY MOnkEy
Black Tortie Selkirk Rex

Breeder/Owner: Lucy Robinson 

Congratulations from Wallycats!
7th Best Kitten

RW Woodpile Turn the Page
Brown (Black) Classic Torbie & White Maine Coon

Breeder/Owner: Jan Dell 

Love and Congratulations from CarolsCats
8th Best Kitten

RW Chipmunk Grenadier
Chocolate Spotted Tabby Oriental Shorthair

Breeder/Owner: Kay Hanvey 

Congratulations from the Laney Family!
9th Best Kitten

RW Endelosglede Bogey
Brown (Black) Mackerel Tabby/White Norwegian Forest Cat

Breeder/Owner: Tracy Hisel 

Congratulations on all your hard work!
10th Best Kitten

RW BengalsByJules Dragon Warrior Jade

Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby Bengal

Breeder/Owner: Julia Petersen

Sponsored by Nightmist Abyssinians
11th Best Kitten

RW Nightmist Moonshine

Ruddy Ticked Tabby Abyssinian

Breeder/Owner: Susan & Graham Marshall, Karen Rusky

Sponsored by Gillian Huber
12th Best Kitten

RW Azorez Fawned Future Star of Meili

Fawn Spotted Tabby Oriental Shorthair

Breeder: Debbie Modderman/ Jocelyne Gervais
Owner: Debbie Modderman/ Mary Gallagher

Sponsored by Monrovia Cattery
13th Best Kitten

RW S*Sillyzone's Norton Dominator/FI

Brown (Black) Classic Tabby/White
Norwegian Forest Cat

Breeder: Jessica Ledin/Oscar Bergvall/S Ledin
Owner: Joseph Huehnerhoff

What a handsome boy. Great job this year!
Dramatails Selkirk Rex
14th Best Kitten

RW Bastet Exotics My Little Secret

Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby Savannah

Breeder/Owner: Sukhmani Boparai (Sonu Bastet)

Sponsored by Nightmist Abyssinians
15th Best Kitten

RW Fantcfur Hope from Louie

Black Sphynx

Breeder: Peggy Smith
Owner: Peggy Smith / Ellyn Carmichael

 Sponsored by Valerie Jardine of Sphynxcraft
16th Best Kitten

RW Dramatails California Dreamer

Black Smoke Tortie Selkirk Rex

Breeder: Lucy Robinson
Owner: Robert Munford, Lucy Robinson

Great job with Rosemary, Robert!
So proud of you. Lucy at Dramatails

17th Best Kitten

RW Lapdolls Tiger

Seal Point/Bicolor Ragdoll

Breeder/Owner: Alla Pankratova

Congratulations from Kimberly Reinbrecht
18th Best Kitten

RW Kangchenjunga Ingenue of Kamisha

Black(Black) Spotted Tabby Bengal

Breeder: Donna Bluford
Owner: Kathy Shaw

Sponsored by Esther Wenman of Stratokatzter
19th Best Kitten

RW Mistikatz Tiger Lily of Nightmist

Ruddy Ticked Tabby Abyssinian

Breeder/Owner: Susan/Graham Marshall and Karen Rusky

Sponsored by
Bengals By Jules & The Tiger Paws
(The Petersen Family) Congratulations!!!!
20th Best Kitten

RW Faerietail Curacao Mocktail
Blue Mackerel Torbie Cymric

Breeder: Lyssa Paull
Owner: Lyssa Paull/Shari Millar

I loved this baby! Love, Lucy
21st Best Kitten

RW PL*Fryga Ikaika/FI

Ruddy Ticked Tabby Somali

Breeder: Krystyna & Ewa Grzelecka
Owner:Susan & Graham Marshall/Karen Ruskey

Your mommies - we are SO proud of you!
22nd Best Kitten

RW Kitti Kat Blu Majic Woman

Blue Selkirk Rex

Breeder: Kathrine Marshall Ruttan / Sarah Ruttan
Owner: Ginger Thompson

Sponsored by AbsolutelyBella Bengals
23rd Best Kitten

RW Bigrivercoon Huckleberry

Blue Maine Coon

Breeder/Owner: Becky Boesch

Sponsored by WestCoast Coons
24th Best Kitten

RW Jewelspride Summer Breeze

Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby Bengal

Breeder: Carmen Klassen
Owner: Ginger Thompson

Congrats from the Laney Family!
25th Best Kitten

RW Marvee-Lus X-Ray/CF

Lilac Sepia Burmese

Breeder: Beverly J Loo / Frank G Diegmann
Owner:  Hanna Dmytriieva

Sponsored by Hanna Dmytriieva