RW SGCA Pinecoon Darjeeling of Carolscats
2011-12 Top 20 All Breed Cats
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Best Cat

RW SGC Wallycats Be My Baby

11th Best Cat International
3rd Best Persian International
Best Longhaired Cat NW
Black Persian Female

Breeder/Owner: Roma Anthony
Photo(c) Gus Sanderson

Girls rule! Congratulations from Izzadorablerags
2nd Best Cat

 LA SGC Expresivepixie Frank James

17th Best Shorthaired Cat International
Best Pixiebob International
Best Shorthaired Cat
Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby Pixiebob

Breeder: Sharleen and Dave Horne
Owner: Konnie Surmann and Sharleen Horne

Photo(c) Wells Photography

My heartfelt "Thank You"to you, the "Frankinator”, for putting up with being dragged all over this country for the past 3 years. You achieved your LA at only 2.5 years of age. You gave me some amazing kittens, like SGC Forest Hunter Red Cloud, QGC Forest Hunter Tennessee, CH Forest Hunter Legendary Thunder, CH Forest Hunter Seattle and the 5th Best Intl. Allbreed Kitten for the 2011/2012 show season IW RW DGC Forest Hunter Northern Dancer. You never once lost your cool. You loved everyone you met along the way. You are an outstanding spokes purrson for the breed. You are a stellar example of what a show cat is all about. I sincerely appreciate your patience, your love and dedication and my daily head butts. I love you dearly and will never forget you or anything you have done for me. Enjoy your retirement, my friend!

3rd Best Cat

IW SGC Ironforge Blaze

16th Best Shorthaired Cat International
Best American Shorthair International
2nd Best Shorthaired Cat North West
Black Silver Tabby with White American Shorthair

Breeder/Owner: Steele and Angele Harden
Photo(c) Angele Harden

Congratulations Ironforge, from
Aspire's American Shorthairs

4th Best Cat

RW SGC Balimoor My Little Belle

Best Balinese NW
2nd Best Longhaired Cat
Blue Lynx (Tabby) Point Balinese

Breeder/Owner: Maureen Davies

Photo(c) Tetsu

Congratulations to a sweet girl from
the Cats of Gaddagh
5th Best Cat

RW SGC Bigrivercoon Sockeye Sam

Best Maine Coon NW
3rd Best Longhaired Cat
Brown Classic Tabby Maine Coon

Breeder: Becky Boesch
Owner: Becky and John Boesch

Photo(c) Chanan

Spectacular! From PJ & Rick
6th Best Cat

RW SGC Chittagong Hot Spot

Best Birman NW
4th Best Longhaired Cat
Blue Point Gloved Birman

Breeder/Owner: Patricia Hopps
Photo(c) Gus Sanderson

Sponsored by Chittagong Birmans
7th Best Cat

RW SGC Regencyrags Dolley Madison

Best Ragdoll NW
5th Best Longhaired Cat
Seal Pt Bi-Color Ragdoll

Breeder: Denise Jordan
Owner: Alex and Dasha Marinets
Photo(c) Helmi

Congratulations from
Anthony and Cristina Cheng
8th Best Cat

RW SGC Britz Braveheart of Magnacatta

Best British Shorthair NW
3rd Best Shorthaired Cat
Blue British Shorthair Male

Breeder: Jeanette Phillip
Owner: Brenda Ffraser and Darrell Nordby
Photo(c) Gus Sanderson

Lyn & Bob Smirl, Congratulations on the Regional Win for your beautiful Britz Braveheart of Magnacatta. We are so proud to be sponsors and wish you much success and many beautiful kittens in the future.
9th Best Cat

RW SGC Stegra Mitsuko

Best Oriental Shorthair NW
4rd Best Shorthaired Cat
Black Smoke Tortoishell Oriental Shorthair

Breeder/Owner: Kathleen and Michael Fortner
Photo(c) Diana Starr - Starrlight

From HuKing Maine Coon Cats
10th Best Cat

RW Kirydashi Hearts are Trump

Best Egyptian Mau NW
5th Shorthaired Cat
Black Silver Spotted Tabby Egyptian Mau

Breeder: Mike Pfister
Owner: Mike Pfister and Marylea Ostle

Photo(c) Helmi

Congratulations from CoonAmor Maine Coons
11th Best Cat

RW SGC CascadeMtn Lightning Strike

2nd Best Maine Coon NW
6th Best Longhaired Cat
Black Tortoishell Maine Coon Female

Breeder/Owner: Susan and Blair Milburn
Photo(c) Tetsu

Congratulations from
CoonAmor Maine Coons
 12th Best Cat

RW SGC Agilesomalis Althea

Best Somali NW
Best Longhaired Cat
Ruddy Ticked Tabby Somali

Breeder: Helen Warn and Susan Marshall
Owner: Helen Warn

Photo(c) Helmi

Congratulations! We think you are the loveliest. Cedarmuse Somalis and Mildred Benesch
13th Best Cat

RW SGC Mysticfires Mysti of Junglejem

Best Bengal NW
6th Best Shorthaired Cat
Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby Bengal

Breeder: Les Ginther
Owner: Eric & Pam Gretzinger
Photo(c) Tetsu

Congratulations Eric, Pam and Mysti!
One more cat to add to your growing collection of world class winners!
14th Best Cat

RW SGC Junglejem Goldilox of Silkenthunder

2nd Best Bengal NW
7th Best Shorthaired Cat
Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby Bengal

Breeder: Eric & Pam Gretzinger
Owner: Connie McIver
Photo(c) Helmi

15th Best Cat

RW SGC Nightmist Bedazzled

Best Abyssinian NW
8th Best Shirthaired Cat
Ruddy Ticked Tabby Abyssinian

Breeder/Owner: Susan and Graham Marshall

Photo(c) Gus Sanderson

Sponsored by Ragalong Ragdolls
16th Best Cat

RW QGC BigRiverCoon Unsinkable Molly Brown

3rd Best Maine Coon NW
8th Best Longhaired Cat

Brown Classic Torbie Maine Coon

Breeder: Becky and John Boesch
Owner: Becky Boesch

Photo(c) Tetsu

Congratulations, Becky! From PJ & Rick
17th Best Cat

RW SGC Stegra Deep Purple

3rd Best Oriental Shorthair
9th Best Shorthaired Cat NW
Black Smoke Oriental Shorthair

Breeder/Owner: Kathleen and Michael Fortner
Photo(c) Tetsu

Congratulations Purple!
From Griffyn and Anubis
18th Best Cat

RW QGC Beautiful Diamond's Princess/Id
2nd Best British Shorthair
10th Best Longhaired Cat NW
Blue British Shorthair Female

Breeder: Gabriela and Helmut Geyer
Owner: Ingrid Berg
Photo(c) Tetsu

Go Princess! Congratulations,
we're so proud of your achievements!
Aki, Ross and Cheddar
19th Best Cat

RW SGC Izzadorablerags Purrminator

9th Best Longhaired Cat NW
2nd Best Ragdoll
Blue Point Bicolor Ragdoll

Breeder: Rebecca Player and Melissa Player
Owner: Lise Cardinal
Photo(c) Tetsu

Congratulations and thank you from Izzadorablerags
20th Best Cat

RW QGC Atlantis Taylor of Foreveryours

11th Best Shorthaired Cat NW
Blue Point Peterbald

Breeder: Virginia Mannino
Owner: Charlean Mitchell

In memory of Angie of Foreveryours, 2010-2012.
Congratulations Taylor, From Atlantis Cats
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