2021-22 Outstanding Cats
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LA BW SGC Countrysiderags Mischief Maker

Blue Lynx (Tabby) Point/Bicolor Ragdoll Female

Breeder: Kristy Goodloe
Owner: Dan/Terri L Zittel

2021-2022 14th Best Alter International
2020-2021 12th Best Alter NW Region
2018-2019 22nd Best Cat NW Region
2017-2018 16th Best Longhair Cat NW Region

Sponsored by Dan and Terri Zittel

LA SGC Burley Q Brienne uv Tarth

White Persian Female
Breeder/Owner: Mike Pfister

2021-2022 15th Best Longhair Cat NW Region
2020-2021 9th Best Cat International
2019-2020 16th Best Kitten NW Region

Sponsored by Kamisha Bengals

LA BW SGC Purrcasso's Odyssey/CF

Odd Eyed White Persian Female
Breeder / Owner: Noelle Giddings

2021-2022 21st Best Cat NW Region
2020-2021 7th Best Cat International
2020-2021 3rd Best Kitten NW Region

In Memory of LA Winteridge Black Forrest "JAVA"


LA BW SGCA Carolinameows Cottneyejoe of Mikasu

White Maine Coon Male
Breeder: Patricia Clary / Owner: Teresa McRae

2021-2022 12th Best Alter NW Region
2019-2020 5th Best Alter International
2018-2019 4th Best Kitten NW Region

Congratulations from Carolinameows Maine Coons

LA SGM Gertrude of Porcelinekitty

Chocolate Lynx (Tabby) Point Household Pet SH Spay

Owner: Jeanette McLeese

 2021-2022 18th Best HHP NW Region
2018-2019 25th Best HHP International
2017-2018 4th Best HHP NW Region

Sponsored Fred & Elaine Weitz

OD Woodpile Annie Get Your Gun

Brown Classic Torbie Maine Coon
Breeder: Jan Dell / Owner: Ginger Stackpole

GRC Mtnview Avalanche
RW SGC Mtnview Cherry Bomb
RW SGCA Mtnview Samurai
SGC MtnView Leonid of Myluckystars
SGC Mtnview Badtodbone of Carolinameows

Sponsored by Jan Dell

OD Dramatails Eclipse

Chocolate Smoke Torbie and White Selkirk Rex
Breeder/Owner: Lucy Robinson

RW QGCA Dramatails Bourne Legacy
RW GCA Dramatails Fireman Sam
RW QGCA Dramatails Sonic the Hedgehog
RW GRC Dramatails Like A Boss
RW OD SGC Dramatails Million Dollar Baby

Congratulations Lucy and Eclipse! XO
Sam & Carmen Klassen, Jewelspride Bengals

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