RW SGCA Pinecoon Darjeeling of Carolscats
2011-12 Top 20 Alters
Best Alter

RW SGCA Kelloggs Hit the Lights
 7th Best Alter International
Best American Shorthair Alter International
Black Silver Classic Taby

Breeder: Carly & Heinrich Kellogg
Owner: Carly & Heinrich Kellogg, Cornelia Schofield
Photo (c) Helmi

Congratulations From Etienne and the Carchet Cats!
2nd Best Alter

RW SGCA Balimoor Blue Angel
16th Best Alter International
Best Best Balinese Alter International
Blue Point Balinese

Breeder/Owner: Maureen Davies
Photo (c) Tetsu

Congratulations from the Cats of Gaddagh
3rd Best Alter

LA SGCA Grandbois Etienne Guittard
17th Best Alter International
Best Chartreux Alter International
Blue Chartreux

Breeder: N Dionne/C Mcfadden/C Walborn
Owner: N Dionne/D Steele/C Mcfadden
Photo (c) Chanan

Sponsored by: Cascade Mountain Maine Coons
Many Congrats, Susan and Blair
4th Best Alter

RW SGCA Pinecoon Darjeeling of Carolscats
Best Maine Coon Alter International
Brown (Black) Mackerel Tabby and White Maine Coon

Breeder: Elizabeth/David Tinney
Owner:Carol Juhasz

Photo (c) Gus

In Loving Memory of Reilly
5th Best Alter

RW SGCA Balimoor Cody Osnowdrift
Best Oriental Longhair Alter
White Oriental Longhair

Breeder: Maureen Davies
Owner: Suzanne Barry

Photo (c) Helmi

Sponsored by Maureen Davies
6th Best Alter

RW SGCA Hugaragdoll Milo
Best Ragdoll Alter
Blue Lynx (Tabby) Point Bicolor Ragdoll

Breeder: Alex/Dasha Marinets
 Anthony and Cristina Cheng
Photo (c) Gus

Sponsored by KurilianGems,
Alex and Dasha! Milo, you are the best!

7th Best Alter

RW SGCA LeeJo Running Wolf
Best Pixiebob Alter
Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby Pixiebob

Breeder/Owner: Lee Jordan

Photo (c) Tetsu

The Pacific Northwest Outlaws
8th Best Alter

LA SGCA Macallans Ellie
2nd Best Maine Coon Alter
Brown (Black) Classic Torbie Maine Coon

Breeder: Laura Sanderson and Jan Dell
Owner: Gus and Laura Sanderson
Photo (c) Gus Sanderson

Congratulations Ellie from Jim and Melanie
  9th Best Alter

RW SGCA Blossom Sage Chase N My Dream
2nd Best Ragdoll Alter
Seal Point Bicolor Ragdoll

Breeder: Dana Pendergraph
Owner: Dana Croisdale/Dave Brown

Coongratulations from Darjeeling

Congratulations from Carol and Dar!
10th Best Alter

 RW QGCA Excalibur Mirra Boo of Shanacee
Best British Shorthair Alter
Black Brisith Shorthair

Breeder: Pamela Barrett
Owner: Jennifer Morse

Sponsored by Jennifer Katherine Morse

11th Best Alter

RW QGC Angeleyes Cool Prince Charming
Best Birman Alter
Chocolate Point Gloved Birman

Breeder: Sylvia Foulds
Owner:Susan Zahorodniuk
Photo (c) Wells Photography

To my Daddy, Love SGCA Figment of Jagcat/Catherine and Jonathan Gargill N.E. Region
12th Best Alter

RW SGCA Balimoor Belles Liam
Best Balinese Alter
Lilac Lynx Tabby Point Balinese

Breeder: Maureen Davies
Owner: Suzanne Barry

Congratulations Suzanne,
you did a great job with Liam
13th Best Alter

RW QGCA Chaparral Tinamou of Pishi
Best Singapura Alter
Sable Ticked Tabby Singapura

Breeder: Heather and Jeff Roberts
Owner:Evelyn Leclair

Congratulations from CarolsCats

14th Best Alter

RW SGCA Smokeycoons
Brown (Black) Classic Tabby Maine Coon

Breeder/Owner: Elaine Hawksworth-Weitz and Fred Weitz
Photo (c) Tetsu

Coongratulations from Carol and Dar!

15th Best Alter

RW QGCA Stegra Griffyn of MaiTai
Best Selkirk Rex Alter
Seal Lynx Tabby Point Siamese

Breeder: Ann Sandner, Kathleen and Michael Fortner
Owner: James and Melanie Harris
Photo (c) Tetsu

Congratulations & lots of love from Stegra!
16th Best Alter

SGCA Smokeycoons Mariachi
Brown Classic Tabby Maine Coon

Breeder/Owner: Elaine Hawksworth-Weitz and Fred Weitz

Congratulations from your fuzzy friends

17th Best Alter

RW Magnacatta iBruiser
Best Selkirk Rex Alter
Red and White Selkirk Rex

Breeder/Owner: Brenda Ffraser

Congratulations to a stunning Selkirk Rex -
Lucy and Dramatails Selkirk Rex

18th Best Alter

RW QGCA Catcurls BC Lavinillah

La Perm Longhair
Breeder/Owner: Denise Abraham

Congratulations to Ava from the Cats of Gaddagh
19th Best Alter

RW QGCA Fraservalley Fey Spider Willlow

Breeder/Owner: Kelly Hayton
Photo (c) Gus Sanderson

Congratulations, Kelly, on your lovely snow boy

20th Best Alter

RW QGCA Dracoonfly McDreamy

Brown Classic Tabby Maine Coon
Breeder:S Stegall/K Stegall-Smith
Owner: Tracy Dopko/Sharon Stegall
Photo (c) Chanan

Coongratulations from Darjeeling
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