RW SGCA Pinecoon Darjeeling of Carolscats
2009-10 Top 20 Alters
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  Best Alter

RW SGCA Phyxius Armani of Sirpurrs 
Best Persian Alter
3rd Best Alter International Winner
Brown Tabby and White Neuter

Breeder: Sheryl Fann
Owner: Jinelle Girard

Congratulations from Frick and Frack!!
2nd Best Alter

RW SGC Grandbois Augustus
Best Chartreux Alter
5th Best Alter International Winner
Blue Neuter

Owner: Chet Walborn, Carole McFadden, Nancy Dionne, Dale Steele

Congratulations from Blusey!!
  3rd Best Alter

IW SGCA Kingsransom Isabel of Smoothies
Best Sphynx Alter
14th Best Alter International Winner
Tortie and White Sphynx Spay

Owner: Jovanna Edge

Congratulations from Peachkins
4th Best Alter

SGCA Kelloggs Sweet Emotion
Best American Shorthair Alter
15th Best Alter International Winner
Black Silver Classic Tabby Spay

Owner: Heinrich and Carly Kellogg

Congratulations from Chet and Carole
5th Best Alter

SGCA Blossom Sage Chase N My Dream
Best Ragdoll Alter
Seal Point Bicolor

Owner: Dana Croasdale and Dave Brown

Wallycats Fabulous Baker Boy
6th Best Alter

IW SGCA Smokeycoons Amigo
Best Maine Coon Alter
Lifetime Achievement Award Winner
Brown Classic Tabby Maine Coon neuter

Owner: Elaine Hawksworth Weitz and Fred Weitz

Congratulations from Chet and Carole
7th Best Alter

SGCA Zeedaz Lone Ranger

Owner: Ken G Davis and Edita Davis

Congratulations from the TICA NW Region
8th Best Alter

RW SGCA Ragalong Bronc Buster
2nd Best Ragdoll Alter
Blue Point Mitted

Owner: Alan and Marilyn McCorkindale

Congratulations from
Dana and Chase Croisdale
  9th Best Alter

RW SGC Kaperkats Jasper
Best Pixiebob Alter
Brown Spotted Tabby Neuter

Owner: Kay Doyle

Congratulations from the
Pacific Northwest Outlaws Cat Club
10th Best Alter

RW SGCA Starstrutter Moon Jinx of Qtktz
Best Burmese Alter
Lilac Sepia Neuter

Owner: Denise M Funk

Congratulations from Nancy Dionne
11th Best Alter

RW SGC Razielreign Rockstar of Kirydashi
Best Egyptian Mau Alter
Black Silver Spotted Tabby Neuter

Owner: Michael Pfister

Congratulations from the TICA NW Region
12th Best Alter

SGCA Zeedaz Bullette
Best Siamese Alter

Owner: Ken G Davis and Edita Davis

Congratulations from the TICA NW Region
13th Best Alter

IW SGCA Winteridge Black Forest
Best Norwegian Forest Cat Alter
Black Neuter

Owner: Carole McFadden and Chet Walborn

Congratulations from
Denise Funk and the Qtktz!!
14th Best Alter

IW SGC Softpaws Lucy Lu Who
Best Exotic Shorthair Alter
Brown Classic Tabby Spay

Owner: Sean O'Brien, Greg Boden, Wendy Trotter

Congratulations from
Dreamscape American Shorthairs
15th Best Alter

RW SGCA Starstrutter Diamond Dust of Qtktz
Best Tonkinese Alter
Lilac Mink Neuter

Owner: Denise Funk

Sponsored by
Cheetahsden Bengals and Bengal Flats
16th Best Alter

RW SGCA Purryderoc Eric the Red
2nd Best Maine Coon Alter
Red Classic Tabby Neuter


Congratulations from
Smokey's Pet Products
17th Best Alter

DGC Munchkinlane S Littlebigred
Best Munchkin Alter
Red Classic Tabby Neuter

Owner: Kornelia Surmann

Short, but sweet - Go Red!
18th Best Alter

LA SGCA Ciara Vol Au Vent of Samphire
2nd Best Chatreux Alter
Blue Neuter

Owner: Cornelia Schofield and Roy Yates

Way to Go Blusey!! Such a sweetie -
Congratulations from the Kelloggs
19th Best Alter

SGCA Woodpile Flora Bloom
3rd Best Maine Coon Alter
Silver Classic Torbie Spay

Owner: Ann Lervold and Jan Dell

Congratulations Bloomers! From the Buchanans
20th Best Alter

QGCA Woodpile Heart Strings
4th Best Maine Coon Alter
Brown Classic Tabby Neuter

Owner: Peter and Eileen Carafiol

Congratulations from
Jan Dell and Ann Lervold
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